Sea Harrier FA2 ZH799

Sea Harrier FA2 ZH799 is a single seat fighter. Built in 1996 as part of batch of 18 New build FA2s, the aircraft entered service with 801 squadron. The FA2 was an upgraded version of the FRS-1 featuring an improved Blue Vixen Radar, slightly lengthened fuselage, wing leading edge modifications and a slightly up-rated Pegasus 106 engine.

In 2018, ZH799 was acquired by AVT for restoration to flight condition condition with the support of our staff, volunteers and Navy Wings UK.


Putting our newest Harrier back in the sky

The aircraft’s return to flight is being supported by AVT aerospace engineers and enthusiastic former ex RN (Ian Chorlton & Kevin Bugg), and RAF (Phil Hutchison) engineers. UK Navy Wings, whose charter is to support the return to flight of former RN aircraft, have eagerly backed our virtuous efforts by allotting the aircraft the very¬† unique and privileged position of Navy Wings Associate aircraft. We now have no choice but to make ZH799 fly !!!
More eager then most are our pilot Dale O’Meara and a number of other Australians who have gained a licence to hover the 9 tonne aircraft.


ZH799 History

One of the last all British aircraft to be built. FA2 ZH799 ended its service with 809 SQN in 2001 having only flown 716 sorties with a total of 872 flying hrs, the second lowest of all the FA2’s. The aircraft has little / no corrosion with all systems intact and only sensitive military equipment removed.



Engineering a new future for Sea Harrier FA2 ZH799

ZH799 Cockpit to be updated with new MFD’s including AHRS and GPS map.